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About Us

The object is purchase sale and renting real estates to the company to activity. We feature great election to places in Sofia outside her as well. We indicate of your attention a grab bag of apartments, The building sites, the agrarian places, the houses and the offices. You are determine as well really care information, associated with the sales,, the leases and management of real estates here. You are collide with professionally servicing as well flawless relation to the customers with us. Main code of behavior for real estates agency work has been the investings protection in our customers, has built on faith to the field, the ambition to a high professionalism, correctness and security and the high degree of the integration with the workmates, коити have showed loyalty and a professionalism. Modern servicing, reoriented to qualitative response to the uninterruptedly increasing prerequisites of its foreign customers, offers high vocationally Imolux. It situates the agency with a rich own database and provides daily realize-information on sales and renting real estates in the capital and the state. Agency Imolux offers services, personified, according to the individual prerequisites of each concrete customer. The agency offers competent judicial information at purchase sale or renting housing or an office area, government in place had by you, judgments, policies, cooperation At Credit . The politician is Imolux to an agency to provide choice utilities, replying of the motives of the clients,. The all funds on the communication and the information are used in the company on that target. In the conditions of the market economy, the confidence is a factor to us to the customers with a crucial word meaning on execution of the concretely put goals. We determine the professionalism and the just interrelations as our main precessions. The employees are largely young, ambitious as well high- the educated people that endeavor to tender to our customers professionally produced analysis to the market, Intercede at implementing the deals They to stand up to the sake of the customers. The agency provides Imolux to you, our customer-the multitude of the opportunities. You are buy or sell place. Middleman on which you can is necessary Trust To trust correctness and professional consideration that yes you to receive entire information on the market to the moment, to take the most kind option. It is our main goal for us to fulfill those your needs and to answer your anticipations. The codes of behavior on which we gamble exist :

- The continual professional improvement.

- The individual approach to each our client.

- The assertion of the professional morals and the discretion.

- The high technology and information servicing of the clients.

- The correctness as well fosters
activity of the employees.

We trust the individual approach and the care of the customer after getting the deal that makes us extreme as well. If you have interest for collaborative collaboration, the friendly
Imolux agency team, asks that you not to do not worry to call us to you. You are for us the challenge- our customers !   

With regard: Ivailo Petkov