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Work in Imolux: 

Imolux The team of the management consultants and the specialists that the kind corporate medium and the culture form respect highly real estates. Most important in the real estates business the contacts with the people are, it occupies Imolux to the courteous precisition, surveys as well motivation of management consultant therefore ; Imolux continually places in the people and has worked mechanism for determination of the needs since training of his employee ; For the people that announce a potential and drive on development, Imolux has personal policy in championship of increasing the qualification, as you are a easy and competitive system for paying with which the team motivates ; There is ImoluxThey develop a systems from clear - cut rules on objective estimate to the work of management consultants and administrators. Imolux realizes a system of career exploitation that the administrator's group prepares of the company. If you have some of the following skills and want to become part of our team mail us a resume to address: data @ imolux.bulgaria  Experience in the trade

Attempt in the area to the real estates

Presentation skills

Marketing knowledge

A complete high education

Computer literacy (Windows Xp, office MS)

Chummy and positive regard for the humans

Skill for occupation in work party and cooperation with the colleagues

Skills for settling the issue and making decisions

Skill for management of the time and scheduling the tasks

The brain is developed
on my iniciative

Call of responsibility and conformity of terms

Enterprise, arduousness and

Adapt, Tractability and mobile


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