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v. Dolno Draglishte
Blagoevgrad, v. Dolno Draglishte
price: 85477
area: 113.97 м²
Estate's type: House
Offert Num: 293
published: 04.07.2008
loaded: 1907
Offer's type: Sell
Building type: New

Offer № 293. All houses are located in the village of Dolno Draglishte, only on 10 km away from Bansko. They are situated in a regulated plot, on the main street in the very beginning of the village. Electricity, water and canalization are supplied in the property. The houses are sold together with the adjacent terrain, and for every house there is a separate yard, sized from 220 to 330 square meters.  All individual properties for every house are fenced with a fence, which is conformed to the local tradition – stone based with wooden panels and tiles hat. The houses are designed in four different styles. The construction project for the concrete property is developed with an opportunity for making a choice of a certain variant, according to our clients’ preferences, needs and requirements. In addition to every house, there is an outer shelter for recreation with a barbecue and a shelter /garage/ for one car. According to the client’s wish, in every separate yard we can build a swimming-pool, alcove, pergola, additional barbecue or a farming shed. The four house project variants follow the old traditional Bulgarian architecture, typical for the region of Rila and Pirin Mountains. We offer three schemes of payment by installments, maximally conformed to the willing and opportunities of the client, in case of direct payment there are additional bonuses – part of the furnishing, price discount, etc. The finishing term of every house is up to 8 months after the beginning of construction (usually the date of issue of Construction Permission by the Chief Architect of Razlog Municipality). Houses will be handed over to the new owners completely finished – “to the key”. For the houses furnishing we will offer three levels of furnishing and equipment. Clients will be able to choose according to design and style, which could be achieved  with the respective price. There is an option for changes in the architectural distribution and some functional changes of some separate elements in the houses, on an early stage, according to the client’s wishes and needs. After the houses acquisition, the new owners will be offered to contract further care services for their homes – round-the-clock security, letting out and property management, cleaning, gardening and many others. 

Person for contact Olya Necheva, GSM: 0884836039
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