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What documents request themselves from the salesperson in sale of a real estate?

At sale of a real estate the trader has to have the following documents: in
1 . A document for a possession (
notarial act or an other document for a possession) ;
2 . The document on the identity (the id, the passport) ;

3 . The tax estimate (is run by the tax service) to the real estate ;

4 . The sketch to the real estate (if the object of the deal is yard place) ;

5 . The statement for the
partition (if it has had partition to the real estate) ;
6 . Certificate That The place is not актуван As Municipal ( Very for deals with a yard, "the municipal ownership" is issued by an unit ) ;

7 . Certificate E-construct the building More approved tectonic plan ( It is only necessary provided be performed in the place Construction that does not is not reflected in
notarial act ) ; 8. Certificate about successors ( It is called if the face, showed, has rested in the document for a possession );
9 . Power of appointment ( It is called if the salesperson cannot have attended with the organization and confessing the deal and have deputed another face ) ;

10 . Other documents according to the particularities to the real estate
for example Death certificate, birth certificate, document of divorce, certificate for marriage and other. On what is a needed preliminary contract ?

The preliminary contract for the selling of the real estate is harmony between the salesperson and the buyer. He held the cardinal elements to the conclusive indentation (the data of the salesperson and the buyer, the data about the place, the price, the deadlines and
other). The preliminary contract for the selling of the real estate does not transfer correctness of a possession on the real estate. With him only the charge is taken to be concluded in future The conclusive indentation with which yes transferred The correctness of the possession on the real estate.

The preliminary contract necessarily must be in a written record. At the signing its buyer pays for the trader-deposit, normally 10 percent of the worth to the real estate.
Confirmation of encumbrances of the real estate.

It before a shrift to the deal before a notary is needed in the employment on the entries for the confirmation of the encumbrances of the real estate to be performed. If the place has weights, at sale they are transferred to the new owner and he becomes in charge for them.

Is it possible for pawned real estate to be sold?

It is possible for the sale of pawned real estate to be performed. The buyer must be familiar with environments to the mortgage contract as well alone to judge how should he enter. There are two opportunities: the buyer amortizes the credit and the mortgage is eroded by the
notarial books, whereafter the deal to abreact before a notary and the salesperson receives the sum that has remained. The buyer takes paying the recognition for the term determined with the contract. The contract between him is concluded in this case and the creditor. Is it possible for the place to be traded, if he him to be co-property?

The place that is the
common property can be traded in. There are two opportunities :

First version. If the all part - owners have wanted to sell the freehold and have achieved agreement with the rate, they must report to work before a notary and confirm their accord for sale. It is possible rather than losing worthwhile time, for they them to authorize with notarized power of appointment one of the part - owners that will represent remainder of the procedure of the organization of the transaction at her shrift as well before a notary.

The second form. If somebody does not want to sell from the part - owners, the place cannot be traded in
as a whole. In this case the part - owner that wants to sell his ideal part needs from the place to provide first her at another part - owners and it to the price with which she is sell. If he ensues from them the written denial to buy its part, can declare her to the market. Provided the salesperson part - owner sold his ideal part out to lower price of the nominated of its former part - owners, it latest They have the right to claim thwarting deals. What the rights of the shop assistant are to a real estate, when the buyer has not paid the rate,?

It pays joint at big part of the sales immediately before confessing the deal to the notary. Be with common agreement possible between the two countries, pay the rate ( Or To part of her ) It stooged
Extension or in a later moment . That obligation is reflected in the notarial act.

In the practice there are as well cases, when the buyer, due to different reasons does not pay the rate of the bought real estate. The shop assistant has the following possibilities therefore :

1. It places lawsuit and requests that the buyer is sentenced to pay the rate of the real estate together with the rates and as well as compensation for cut benefits and for damages that kick in for the salesperson (
For example: It came from the lease, the expenses for the sale, and other ) . 2. It requests from the court that it issues warrant to him for payment of the rate of the buyer. With the warrant the salesperson places Дело against the buyer with a bailiff. In a seven - day term from presenting the writ, the buyer can Assert The rebutter with the written proofs that he has not owed the sum, that already he has paid.

3. Assert The pre-court-claim for spoil of contract for sale of real estate. This cannot happen, if the buyer owes jerkwater sum.

4. The rate requests that to the basis on common accord the buyer pays the rate of the real estate, even though with entertainment as well, the nose and the compensation for the hurts.

Can the foreigners buy places in Bulgaria?

According to the regulation on the ownership the foreign bourgeoises can gain real estates in Bulgaria by allowance to the minister of the finances. It is another opportunity for the foreign face to register in Bulgaria trade association. It is be able to gain whatever real estates therefore, with exception of agricultural ground.