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"Kremikovci" is really long - term
29. 01. 2008

Pramod Mital is at the moment in Sofia, the executive officer announced to "Kremikovci" Alexander Tomov in the air of bTV this morning.

Between the government, the unions and the management there is general status already.
Mital had meeting with the energy secretary yesterday, I consider that we go in general direction, he said still.

In his words,
Kremikovci is saved working club for very serious candidates.

It has to become a recipient to investments, and the im-donor, Alexander
Tomov announced still.

The only entity that offers to her government the
Mital concrete plan with the figures is Konstantin Jevago for the moment. There are as well other candidates, but some other has not represented until the moment concrete plan, Tomov explained.

He flatly denies the rumors for sale of Cska.

There is Cska The firm fiscal structure, announced
Tomov and added that the record of the media, AIG is buy the team and fabrication.

29. 01. 2008 09: 10