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Amsterdam is have as well a clandestine city
29. 01. 2008

The dutch company "
Struckton" scheduled to strain Amsterdam of a depth and notions that its ambitious projects, whose goal exists, decide the lack of the city in space, submitted DPA. The high - rise underground spaces can be used for parks that do not ground in Amsterdam. The company though planned to frame both clandestine sport facilities and cinemas. For the more efficient fueling to be done at the shops in the downtown of the city, the homebuilders project as well constructing underground storehouses. According to the company that plan is not "futuristic", and "realistic "as well defended" a must" for the city. "Struckton" is known with his lead part in the underground urban planning in Amsterdam. The new underground system is be located under the chivalric city center and will be ready in 2013-BTA
date : 29 january 2008-15: 40 o'clock