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IKEA enters in the real estates business
04. 02. 2008

The swedish fashionable article of furniture company IKEA announced that she enters in the real estates business in England.

After the sale of over 30 million furnitures the more entire world, IKEA slip on
noteasy task to regiment wood houses in Tinesaid, W writes. The monitor. The new houses will be introduced to the web page to the company and will be sold out to low prices. Connected for giving sub-lease or sale 47 houses of a value between 15 000 and 35 will be 36 suites. The retail price is be under 100 000 pounds for an apartment of 150 000 pounds at a house. IKEA announces that the new houses will be wholly in a swedish style, the high lofts, the huge windows and the large rooms.  
01 Februry 2008, 12:48