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The sheik raises a glass tower in Sofia
04. 02. 2008

02 feb in 2008 / news. Dir.Bg

Sofia is look like Dubai. Our capital There is the same tower as that in one of the seven emirates on the arabian peninsula soon. The skyscraper that is look like the world trade centers at Dubai will build at us who is the no, and the prince-
Faisal Bin Al Meshal Bin Saudi Bin Abdul-Azis, the heir presumptive of the crown of Saudi Arabia, write In . "The standard". Impression Sheik Тарек Al Kasimi and he will go to an official visit of us upon invitation of the prime minister-Sergei Stanishev. The deputy foreign minister Milen Keremedetchiev announced for "criterion" this. He added that the prince and the sheik will be of us from 18 to 20 febs. The prime minister Stanishev invited last year them. The sheik and he met together at the end of September М. The years at the airport in the impression, where the plane of the prime minister landed for surcharging returning from his visit in the indium. The prince-Faisal Bin Al Meshal Bin Saudi Bin Abdul-Azis and the sheik of the impression-Тарек Al Kasimi are copartners at one of the companies, that are biggest to st., for architectonics and construction-"Emirates Investment Group". The company frames One from its high buildings in the world . The chain "Palacio Versache" in 26 as well level glass world trade centers in Sydney and Dubai that are used for office-buildings is the 7 leading hotels among them. The experts of the company of the two височайши guests have cased terrains of us for the skyscraper. The building will represent tower that will be used for business-fiscal center. The architects have already sterilized 3 landings. The blank terrain next to the plaza on "Stamboliiski" blvd . is the low. The second form is the glass tower to rise on - scene to the other plant-"Balkan Kar". The building be the third opportunity to loom on - scene large in "Sofialend". That is though most small The expected terrain, because the sanctions are not still on - scene specified at a plant. The experts narrated that it is possible for the prince and the sheik to raise the skyscraper around "Kremikovci". There is opportunity there The building Elaborate To huge area around her as well the more small businesses-centers are constructed. According to experts the sum that Prince Faisal Bin Al Meshal Bin Saudi Bin Abdul-Azis and Impression Sheik Тарек Al Kasimi have decided have put at us is close 300 million dollars. Except the tower in the capital the two have intentions to invest to the bulgarian seasides as well. The company that she has dealt with has framed as well up some from the most known and luxury hotels in the world. At the meeting with Stanishev the sheik was expressive to place seriously wish in skiler and marine tourisms of us.