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The all worsen, Bulgaria pulls ahead
05. 02. 2008

The real estates are be bought in our area, the shoppers are be different only. Rather than the englishmen and the irishmen, they are russians and romanians now. The proprietorships to a real estate by the earth can be troubled badly for the consequences from the credit crisis. The proprietresses can live in Bulgaria to a real estate calmly.
At least so writes fiscal times. The market of the homes of us shows unexpected endurance of foreign influences due to the investments from eastern Europe and the soaring number of our countrymen that buy. The interest though remains high on the foreign investors in country. It is on this the reason that in their country our prices to the real estates remain lowest in the entire european union, the executive officer to bulgarian places Mihail Chobanov considers. The investors have started to shift britishers and irelanders from Russia and Romania as customs in our side. The residents were first on the island namely, That They put money by the seaside on Bansko as well. The market was moved by russians, romanians, poles and ukranians though now, Rossen Dimov of estates Rockarch tells. It is the reason that the credit crisis is felt largely in u.s. and Uk. The russians and the our black sea hotels through the socialist time had remained Eastern-Europeans was filled namely. They return as buyers to vacation places now. Despite there aren't official statistics, the home real estates agencies allege that the purchases have advanced well from country of the North Dakotan of former social-republics. But They do not away buy only affordable apartments, Even and most dear villages arrive in their range. The reason: I voted Bulgaria, for she is enough close, to come with a carload and you to feel by as being there at the base at the same time. The rates are as well there acceptable, the contractor tells from Sanckt Petersburg Pavel Sinelnikov for FT. He already has an own two-room apartment in gold littorals. The rates of the real estates by the sea started to drop before the beginning to the credit crisis, George Kirov glosses from the advisory company-necklet Bulgaria. In its words, before this they exist They double only for several years. The slow rate to the improvements in the infrastructure in the seaside is though the reason of the decrease that has ensued. And So, it discovers BNB, Only be bought in our area for the first 8 months of the year Real estates for 1. 16 billion euros It is nearly 35 percent from all direct foreign investings of us after our joining in eu. The market seems firm. The rates are with 20-30 percent still lower in comparison with the east european parties that have remained. At the same time, the plaza was reoriented to better locations continually in the country. This considers Miles Sumerfield as place L.

A head: ipo. Bulgarian