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Bulgaria goes in a ream of 3 of the preferred goals for investings in real estates
05. 02. 2008

Force To the degree of a professionalism and the complexity to catering the customers They are guarantee to Bulgaria The preservation in the ream of 3 of the preferred goals for investings in real estates as well in Europe. The moscow affiliate of the international advisory company for "estates bulgaria globally" real estates announced this, for self-day after the over 17--th international exhibition to real estates in Moscow
home Ekspo. The company discovers increased interest to the bulgarian real estates on the part of the tramontane customers. After our engagement of second straight international exhibition in Moscow for this the year, as is reasoned as well of the analysis of the outgrowths of the job in Moscow only We An office We can define some expressionless tendencies. First, Bulgaria is in a ream of 3 to the favorite european goals apart Because of Eye - catching with respect to the european and russian market prices the real estates And Because of The fact that in Bulgaria the undertakings are gained more easy. The administrator-cardinal ferry is named Alexander Alexandrov Director Operative partnerships of the international advisory company "BG Estates Worldwide ". The second in meaning according to Alexandrov is increasing a level in a professionalism and the complexity to the servicing that the tramontane customers expect from its bulgarian partners in the discipline to the real estates. Therefore it is in operative meaning to be increased, from one side, the tractability and the competitiveness for on the tendered credit merchandises to the banks, the drift to continue from other as well The investments in the infrastructure to be one of the priorities of the bulgarian country. According to the moscow office management of "bulgaria estates globally", they are not for disregard as well last, formative after primary analysis, data of the exhibition that has ended late on sunday in the russia capital: there is compounded pastime on the part of russian customers to the bulgarian market to real estates, but one more of the huge barriers is for them always The credit policy matters still really what should be achieved in the area on the bank products that will answer of questing the market. If bank credits, that are easy, adaptive with respect to the market situation, are tendered, the purchases to real estates on the part of the russia customers heighten with nearly 50 percent. The similar two - ply uptick of the investings in the real estates the quality of the projected complex services and funs is attainable by as developing in parallel from. The general expects on the advisers of "bulgaria estates globally for 2008 well the interest of the foreign investors to be increased to Bulgaria with nearly 40 percent. The provision-stature will be formed on the base of the course discovered in this year The serious investors, with long - term durable interest, it im-bad as well. From its side this will lead questioning real professional standards and rules of the biz with real estates.