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The services that Imolux offers are perpetrated by work party-well - qualified specialists that can give trade assessment of each real estate.

At sale to a real estate, it battens
Imolux down to its customers The following pack of utilities :

1. The agency consulted the salesperson, to be able to decide the real market rate to the offered real estate to the various point as well Realize She In the time, with respect to the market conjuncture. 2. The agency accomplished markiting and the commercial scheme of offering the real estate with goal for the nodes for the offered real estate and its realization to be found as soon as possible.At purchase to a real estate Imolux agency secures the following services :

1. The market report for the real estates to the moment on the parameters asked by the shopper, for its requirements to be able to be fully met. The agency advises and subserves the client at the choice to place .
2 . The agency prepares The full set of the documents for the possession as well effects check of handiness of eventual weights at the due place ( Mortgages, foreclosures as well
and other. )
3 . The agency gives judicial and advisory help in the day to a
notarial transferring and getting the Notarial act for recently bought real estate.  At concluding a contract for management of a real estate we offer you :

Regular a commercial and effective inspections to the real estate ;

2. Farming to real estate as well judicial provision of bargain out ;

3. Battening the most sympathetic tenants ;

4. Permanent
given busyness-sub-lease-real estate ;

5. Saving the delivered deposit of contract for lease ;

6. Controlling impersonation of all clauses of contract, in that number pays in a term of the month rental and
the consumative ;

7. Executing supervision over condition of the rented real estate ;
 8. Dispatching base repairs, needed in engaged real estate,, that are charge of lessor ;

9. Coordinating activities, associated with undertakings for intrinsic
reorganization, interior design and a fixture ;

10. Covering the real estate at reclaiming some of the areas ;

11. Representing the owner to the real estate before all institutions and organizations ;

12. Representing owner before general assembly in building in which the real estate is found ;

13. The monthly report on the agency
Imolux activity in the truss with the real estate, at the condition from the owner.

Imolux requests an entire set The documents by the shopper, needed for the notarial carrying - forward to the real estate.