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Terms of use

Imolux The content of this web-site of the following conditions offers real estates :

This document and the conditions for the confidentiality decide using this site. If you do not agree to these conditions, you must abandon the site.
Imolux sets real estates The correctness to modify these documents in each time without warning as well. Accessibility as well uses this site, you agree as well Allied with the conditions, told here.  


Meet please together with our confidentiality policy and receive more information for using personal information that you provide to us.

Connections to this site

Making the connections to this site without the express assent to the
Imolux real estates is banned. The connections to him do not have to use techniques that will represent his message by as reaching your organization. Spatchcocking the logo or another mark to trading mark as the part of the relations to this site without the express written assent to the Imolux real estates is banned.

 Content of the site

The content and the function of this site / Inclusive Writings, artworks, logos, pictures, pictures, as well as their card / Real estates are had exceptionally by
Imolux. The all rights are kept, unless being explicitly real estates subleted by Imolux.

The printing is permitted and saving one copy to content and function of this site on one window system, only only for internal use as well, on condition the message is not rebeled in no manner and the all notes on the authorial rights and the possession are saved to the site. Each other copy, the change, reproduces as well distribution of the information to this site (autonomous for inner goals or a no independently with commerce goal as well or a no) It is banned.
The copy is forbidden, the prosody, climbs up, They down expose of third entities with trade goal or the generation to code or content of this site without the express assent to Imolux real estates The information can be inaccurate or old to this site, means rates and descriptions to real estates. Imolux Real estates can change whatever information to this site all the time without alert.  


The information is with general character in this site and does not address concrete circumstances and conditions. The content and the function hooked as is' and as available' footing without no express or implied assurances.
Imolux no responsibility for the accuracy, the breadth and the utility of the content of the site and the whatever information, posted on the relevant sites or indicated by the third persons, does not accept real estates. Imolux the responsibility for no indirect, haphazard or other losses, caused, does not accept real estates From Or on Some way associated with recourse of information of this site.  

Trade brands

Imolux is a trademark to Imolux real estates.

You agree that you do not be to bring and blame каквато and it to be information to
Imolux real estates in whatever public releases ( Пр. Newspapers, webs-sites ) With purpose-ad or promotion, the informing or the influence of the third parties, As well as That Be use or play , That It to be as well for the trademark to Imolux, or you to announce a what as well to be opinion from country On In relationship with Imolux real estates.    

Information of third entities

Imolux The undesirable-personal information or other confidentional information nudges not to be remitted real estates. Each such information will be seen as not confidentional. The responsibility is decided wholly with the agreements with which they indicate themselves for our merchandises and utilities to Imolux real estates. We can indicate connections to webs-sites of third entities and the content that looks like the part from this site can be provided in reality from third entities.